Ensuring that PROCTOLUX always delivers 100% of the illumination available from the light guide to the examination site was a serious challenge for the product designers. The use of a light guide, while enabling light delivery right to the site also requires an obturator geometry which can allow faecal matter to enter the sigmoidoscope barrel and occlude the light guide tip, resulting in reduced or even loss of lighting to the examination site.

To overcome this EVEXAR invented and patented the 'Clear View' system. This system consists of a flexible shutter, attached to the obturator which while the product is being inserted closes the gap between the scope barrel and the obturator body. Once the scope is inserted and as the obturator is removed, the patented shutter automatically lifts over the light guide ensuring a clear view of the examination site

*The 'Clear View' system is also used on the SIGMOLUX range of sigmoidoscopes from EVEXAR.