One of the key criteria for PROCTOLUX was the provision of an effective illumination system, designed to be powerful, dependable and unobtrusive. For PROCTOLUX the light pack, containing batteries and a powerful LED was built into the product handle, using a clear light guide which transports the light close to the end of the product barrel ensuring it is emitted as close to the end of the device as possible.

It is this unique light pack and guide that form the elements of the EVEXAR 'LUX' system, providing bright and reliable light at the point of interest

Light for the LUX range is generated in a light pack tucked away inside the product handle. Power comes from three alkaline batteries, using a superbright LED as the source.
Light needs to be there when you want it, providing a constant high level of illumination during the procedure, preferably independent of any complexity added by external parts, wires etc. The LUX range uses a simple pull tab to activate the light allowing the user to concentrate on the procedure.
Where it's needed
The light from the light pack is directed through an optically clear light guide, formed to ensure that the maximum light exiting is directed to the examination area.

LUX system checklist

  • Total clinical freedom - patients can be examined at any suitable location
  • Self-contained - no cables, wires or mains power required
  • Maximum light intensity for at least 30 minutes, illumination continuing for much longer
  • Light directed to the end of the device where it is most effective
  • Reliably robust and ergonomic
  • Saves time - no servicing or repair of equipment
  • Reduces costs - no cleaning of cables or accessories
  • Simple disposal - straight into clinical waste
  • Single use - reducing the risk of cross contamination
  • Environmentally aware - batteries contain no Lead, Mercury, Cadmium or Lithium